Common PCB Surface Treatment Processes

- Nov 14, 2018 -


                 PCB surface treatment processes

       As we know, Common PCB surface treatment processes are: Immersion gold (ENIG)、Immersion Tin、Lead Free HAL 、Hot air solder levering (HAL) 、Immersion silver、Gold plating and OSP .

Today we are talking about OSP(Organic Solderability Preservatives hashtag#osp )

OSP is a process for surface treatment of PCB copper foil in accordance with RoHS instructions. And OSP is an organic solder film, also known as copper protector, also known as Preflux in English.

In a nutshell, OSP is a chemical process to grow a layer of organic skin on a clean bare copper surface.This film has anti-oxidation, heat shock and moisture resistance to protect copper surface from rust (oxidation or vulcanization, etc.) in normal environment.However, at subsequent welding temperatures, the protective film must be easily removed by the flux, so that the exposed clean copper surface can be immediately combined with the molten solder to form a solid solder spot in a very short time.

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