Master Trick: Teach You To Use The Exposed Pad To Cool The Chip

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Master trick: teach you to use the exposed pad to cool the chip

In some chip applications, such as voltage regulators, abnormal heat generation is unavoidable while the device is operating. Using an exposed pad can improve the thermal performance of the chip and help optimize product space and reduce cost. So, what should you pay heed to when applying the exposed pad?
The exposed pad is the exposed metal plate on the chip package. The following applications for exposed pads help your design:
1. Design the pad size to meet the requirements of the data sheet
When the exposed pad is connected to a larger surface (according to the size required in the data sheet), it contributes to increasing the thermal performance of the chip.
exposed pad
2. Note the electrical connection of the exposed pad
It is important to follow the instructions in the data sheet for the bare pad electrical connection. Some pads must be connected to ground. Some must be disconnected from the power supply, and some pads are compatible with both methods.
3. Make good use of thermal vias
Adding thermal vias from the pad area of the exposed pad on the other side of the PCB allows for efficient heat dissipation. The number and size of thermal bias depend on the application, the power consumption of the chip package, and the conductivity requirements.
thermal vias

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