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Aluminium PCB Board for LED

Aluminium PCB Board for LED

Base Material:Aluminum base laminate Copper Thickness:1oz or 35um Board Thickness:1.6mm Min. Hole Size:0.1mm Min. Line Width:0.1mm Min. Line Spacing:0.1mm Surface Finishing:LF HASL Layer count:1 layer Solder mask color:White Liquid Photo Imageable Soldermask( LPI) Legend color:black Profile:CNC+V-CUT Thermal conductivity:1.0W/m-K Insulated layer's break down voltage:2KV Application area:LED lighting

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Product Details

   Aluminum substrates, also  named as MCPCBs, It is well known for their ability to provide effective thermal dissipation for electronic product, Aluminum PCBs is the most common type - the base material consists of aluminum core with standard FR4. It features a thermal clad layer that dissipates Currently, Aluminum Backed PCBs is regarded as the solution to high power and tight tolerance applications.                                                        Application       

  • ●Automotive              ● Circuits Computers

  • ●Power Module         ●LED Lights

  • ●Communication       ●Electronics Audio Equipment                                                                                                                                                     


ItemsProcessing capacity
Surface finishOSP、Immersion Ag、Plating silver ,ENIG ,HAL-LF
Laminate typeAluminum,iron and copper isolation base
board thickness0.3MM、0.4MM、0.6MM、0.8MM、1.0MM、1.2MM、1.6MM、2.0MM、2.5MM、3.0MM、4.0MM
AI type1060、3003、5052、6061
copper foil0.5-10 OZ
tolerance of board Thicknes±0.1MM
Dielectric thickness0.075-0.15MM
Layers1-4 Layers
Min trace width0.1MM
Min trace space0.1MM
Tolerance of trace width/space±15%
Internal and external0.5-10 OZ
Drilling hole size0.6-6.0 MM
Finished hole size0.6-6.0 MM
Hole tolerance±0.075 MM
Min solder bridge±0.1 MM、±0.05MM
Peel strength≥ 1.8 N/MM
Surface resistance≥ 1*105 M
Breakdown voltagSpecial resistance 4KV
Solder fioat260℃,10Min ,No layerig,No sparkling

PCB Assembly Services: 

SMT Assembly 
Automatic Pick & Place 
Component Placement as Small as 0201 
Fine Pitch QEP - BGA 
Automatic Optical Inspection 
Through-hole Assembly 
Wave Soldering 
Hand Assembly and Soldering 
Material Sourcing 
IC pre-programming / Burning on-line 
Function testing as requested 
Aging test for LED and Power boards
Complete unit assembly (which including plastics, metal box, Coil, cable assembly etc) 
Packing design

multilayers PCB23.jpg



Teflon / PTFE PCB

multilayers PCB7.jpg

4-20 multilayer PCB

PCB Production Process  

Xi'an JIA-SPEED Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has 80 quality inspection experts, all of our plates have passed rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality raw materials, each step of production strictly abide by the PCB process to implement production, ensure that each link Quality Control, we have 80 experienced quality inspectors, and have established strict production regulations to ensure that every PCB in your hand is the most outstanding quality!

Packing design

 Conformal coating
Both dip-coating and vertical spray coating is available. Protecting non-conductive dielectric layer that is
 applied onto the printed circuit board assembly to protect the electronic assembly from damage due to 
contamination, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust and corrosion caused by harsh or extreme environments. 
When coated, it is clearly visible as a clear and shiny material.
Complete box build
Complete 'Box Build' solutions including materials management of all components, electromechanical parts, 
plastics, casings and print & packaging material

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