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Metal Core PCB

Metal Core PCB

Base Material: FR4, CEM-1 CEM -2 CEM -3 ,FR -1 FR -2 FR -3 Copper Thickness:0.5-7.0 oz/br> Board Thickness:0.2-7.0mm/br> Min. Hole Size:0.075mm/br> Min. Line Width:0.075mm/br> Min. Line Spacing:0.075mm/br> Surface Finishing:OSP HAL Immersion Tin/ Gold/br> Copper Thickness::0.5-7.0 oz/br> Min. Line Width::0.075mm/br> Min. Hole Size::0.075mm/br> Surface Finishing:OSP HAL Immersion Tin/ Gold/br>

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Product Details

    The main material of the printed circuit board (PCB) is a copper clad laminate, and the clad laminate (a copper clad laminate) is composed of a substrate, a copper foil, and an adhesive. The substrate is an insulating layer composed of macromolecule synthetic resin and reinforcing material; the surface of the substrate is covered with a layer of pure copper foil with high conductivity and good solderability, and the common thickness is 35-50/ma; the copper foil covers the substrate. One side of the copper clad laminate is called a single-sided copper clad laminate. The copper clad laminate on both sides of the     substrate is a double-sided copper clad laminate. If the copper foil can be firmly coated on the substrate, it is completed by an adhesive. Commonly used copper clad laminates are available in 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm thicknesses    Production Environment


Our Service  

PCB Assembly Services: 
SMT Assembly 
Automatic Pick & Place 
Component Placement as Small as 0201 
Fine Pitch QEP - BGA 
Automatic Optical Inspection 
Through-hole Assembly 
Wave Soldering 
Hand Assembly and Soldering 
Material Sourcing 
IC pre-programming / Burning on-line 
Function testing as requested 
Aging test for LED and Power boards
Complete unit assembly (which including plastics, metal box, Coil, cable assembly etc) 
Packing design


Conformal coating
Both dip-coating and vertical spray coating is available. Protecting non-conductive dielectric layer that is
 applied onto the printed circuit board assembly to protect the electronic assembly from damage due to 
contamination, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust and corrosion caused by harsh or extreme environments. 
When coated, it is clearly visible as a clear and shiny material.
Complete box build
Complete 'Box Build' solutions including materials management of all components, electromechanical parts, 
plastics, casings and print & packaging material

Quality Assurance    

Testing Methods
AOI Testing
· Checks For Solder Paste 
· Checks For Components Down To 0201" 
· Checks For Missing Components, Offset, Incorrect Parts, Polarity
X-Ray Inspection
X-Ray Provides High-Resolution Inspection Of: 
· BGAs 
· Bare Boards 
In-Circuit Testing
In-Circuit Testing Is Commonly Used In Conjunction With AOI Minimizing Functional Defects Caused By 
Component Problems. 
· Power-Up Test
· Advanced Function Test
· Flash Device Programming
· Functional Testing



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