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High Density HDI TG170

High Density HDI TG170

Model Number:10-layer HDI PCB
Number of Layers:1-48 layer
Base Material:FR-4
Copper Thickness:0.25 Oz -12 Oz
Board Thickness:1.8mm
Min. Hole Size:0.004"
Min. Line Width:2mil
Min. Line Spacing:2mil
Surface Finishing:Immersion Gold,ENIG
Solder Mask:Green. Red. Blue. White. Black.Yellow
PCB Assembly process:DIP. ICT PCB Assembly

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Product Details

HDI PCB (High Density Interconnect)

    HDI is an abbreviation of High Density Interconnector. It is a kind of technology (technical) for producing printed boards, and a circuit board with a relatively high density of wiring distribution using the micro blind buried hole technology. HDI is a compact product designed for small capacity users. It adopts a modular and parallel design, a module capacity of 1000VA (1U in height), natural cooling, can be directly placed into a 19” rack, and can be connected in parallel to a maximum of 6 modules. This product uses all-digital signal process control (DSP) technology and many The patented technology has a full range of adaptability to load and a strong short-term overload capability, regardless of load power factor and crest factor.

  • Advantages

1 Reduces PCB cost: When the density of the PCB increases more than eight layers, manufacturing with HDI will cost less than the traditional

2 complex lamination process.

3 Increase the line density: the interconnection of traditional circuit boards and parts

4 conducive to the use of advanced packaging technology                                 PCB37.jpg

5 has better electrical performance and signal correctness

6 Better reliability

7 can improve thermal properties

8 Improves RF/Electromagnetic/Electrostatic Discharge (RFI/EMI/ESD)

9 Increase design efficiency


  • Blind and/or buried vias

  • Via-in-pad

  • Through vias from surface to surface

  • 20 µm circuit geometries

  • 30 µm dielectric layers

  • 50 µm laser vias

  • 125 µm bump pitch processing

Our high density circuit boards have the technology-pushing capabilities to drive applications in a large number of industries including but not limited to semiconductor test equipment, defense, medical and aerospace.

JIA-Speed can provide you with the highest quality HDI PCB, please do not hesitate to contact us TEL: +8613186089157

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