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Product Details

We at JIA-SPEED  are committed to providing you with superior quality, personalized customer service, attention to detail and competitive pricing. We enter the market early so our customers have the opportunity to strike first and take over the market. By working with  JIA-SPEED our customers achieve faster time-to-market by harnessing the power of one-stop design, fabrication, assembly, and material management Pb-Free (Lead Free) Solutions

Product Description

HDI PCB Circuit Board Multilayer PCB OEM Supplier

Layer: 16LayerMini Hole: 0.2mm 
Material: FR4Mini Width/space: 4mil/4mil
Thickness: 1.6 mmTesting points:4000
Copper thickness: 1 ozSolder Mask:black
Silkscreen: White


  • PCB Production Service. (FR-4,HI-TG,Aluminum,FPC,TEFLON,CEM-1 )

  • PCB FPC design Service.

  • PCB Assembly Service. (SMT, BGA, DIP)

  • IC program with HEX file.    

  • PCBA Housing assembly serivce.    

  • PCBA Final Functional Testing.        

  • PCB PCBA Copy Service.

  • Electronic Components Purchasing & BOM List Purchasing Services.

  • PCB SMT Stencil. (Laser cut & Etching)   

  • Cable assembly                  

HDI PCB Specification
Product Name  HDI PCB
Type  Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flexible
Material  FR4, CEM1, CEM3, Aluminum, High Frequency Board, 
Layer  1,2,4,6...24Layer


  Retangular, Round, Slots, Cutouts, Complex, Irregular
Cutting  Shear, V-score, Tab-routed
Board Thickness  0.2-4mm, regular 1.6mm
Copper Thickness  0.5-4oz, regular 1oz
Solder Mask  Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.
Silk Screen  White, Black, etc.
Silk Screen Min Line Width  0.006" or 0.15mm
Min Trace/Gap  0.1mm or 4mils
Min Drill Hole Diameter  0.01",0.25mm or 10mils
Surface Finish  HASL, ENIG, OSP, etc.

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