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High Frequency Board

High Frequency Board

High Frequence Pcb The high-frequency board refers to a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency, which is used for PCBs in the field of high frequency (frequency greater than 300 MHz or less than 1 meter) and microwave (frequency greater than 3GHZ or less than 0.1 meter) and is covered in microwave substrates. A circuit board produced by using a part of a common rigid wiring board manufacturing method or a special processing method on a copper board. In general, high-frequency boards can be defined as circuit boards with frequencies above 1 GHz.

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The Classification Of High-Frequency Board

A powder ceramic filled thermosetting material

1,Rogers 4350B/4003C


3,TLG series

B PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) material

1 Rogers RO3000 Series, RT Series, TMM Series

2 AD/AR Series, IsoClad Series, CuClad Series

3 RF Series, TLX Series, TLY Series

4 F4B, F4BM, F4BK, TP-2

PCB high frequency board application

2.1 Mobile Communication Products, Intelligent Lighting System

2.2 amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, etc.

2.3 Power dividers, couplers, duplexers, filters, and other passive devices

2.4 The automobile anti-collision system, satellite system, radio system and other fields, high-frequency electronic equipment is the development trend.

PCB Parameters


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Hot Tags: high frequency board, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, wholesale, price, quotation, high quality


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