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Prototype Pcb

Prototype Pcb

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Product Details

Type of AssemblyTHD (Thru-Hole Device), SMT (Surface-Mount Technology), SMT & THD mixed, Double-sided SMT and THD assembly
Solder TypeWater Soluble Solder Paste, Leaded process and Lead-Free (RoHS)

Passives parts, smallest size 0201

BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP, and Leadless chips

Fine Pitch to 0.8Mils;

BGA Repair and Reball; Part Removal and Replacement

Connectors and terminals

Bare Board Size

Smallest:0.25’’x 0.25’’ (6.35mm x 6.35mm)

Largest: 20’’ x 20’’ (508mm x 508mm)

Min. IC Pitch0.012’’ (0.3mm)
QFN Lead Pitch0.012’’ (0.3mm)
Max. BGA size2.90’’ x 2.90’’ (74mm x 74mm)
Type of Serviceurn-key, partial turn-key or consignment

X-ray Inspection

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

ICT (In-Circuit Test)/Functional Testing

Component packagingReels, cut tape, Tube and tray, Loose parts and bulk
PCB Manufacturer  Layer: 2 Layer
Material: FR4  Mini Hole: 0.2mm 
Thickness: 1.6mm  Mini Width/space: 4mil/4mil
Copper thickness: 1oz  Testing points:4000
Finish: Immersion Gold  Solder Mask: LPI Green
Function: Signal Output Card         Silkscreen: White  

PCB Board Assembly
Layer: 16 Layer Mini Hole: 0.2mm 
Material: FR4 Mini Width/space: 4mil/4mil
Thickness: 1.6mm Testing points:4000
Copper thickness: 1oz Solder Mask: LPI Green
Finish: Immersion Gold Silkscreen: White  
Function: Airplane Recorder     Components: 10 IC Chips, 5 BGA

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